Seems judge’s son gets special deal

We are told that the laws are equal for all. One only needs to read the “Teen guilty of fleeing wreck scene” article in Saturday’s local section to see that there are laws for the common “Joe” and special laws for persons with connections and/or money.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Eric Lucas’ son, Peter, was charged with numerous violations of the law, felonies and a misdemeanor, including ramming and trying to ram a police car. He confessed to driving drunk and fleeing the scene of an injury accident — and his sentence is basically a slap on the wrist.

He was sentenced to seven months of jail time and it appears that he won’t have to do any or a minimal amount of time. Since he is going to college he has to wear an electronic monitoring device for two months, then commute another month to 240 community service hours and may get to serve the final four months on work release.

This kid was initially charged with vehicular assault and assault on an officer by ramming his car, but daddy is a Superior Court judge so we will make it as easy as possible for him. Heaven forbid, we wouldn’t want a judge’s son to spend time in jail.

Our state has suffered the loss of way too many police officers in the recent past from people that didn’t give a darn, just like this kid’s alleged actions showed that he didn’t care about the police officer’s life. He was only concerned about what mommy and daddy would say or do, and his schooling. If he had followed the laws his father has been upholding for many years, none of this would have happened because as a minor, he wouldn’t have been drinking.

David S. Lindsey