Seems like a double standard

I really don’t understand how in this day and age we still have a racist organization know as the Black Panthers. I was listening to KIRO and heard a bounty is offered for Mr. Zimmerman’s head. Now I understand there are crazy circumstances around this case, with stand-your-ground laws, but a bounty on national TV and radio.

What if the roles were reversed, and a known racist of the KKK offered a bounty on young Trayvon’s head. It would be on every TV and radio to strike down the KKK. I am just sick and tired of racism being allowed as long as your not white. Let’s be better humans than that. Nobody gets to put a bounty out. The Black Panthers are a racist organization for putting that statement out there. The NAACP should be furious about this and they are not. Doesn’t the NAACP stand for the “advancement of colored people”? I see nothing but backwards with the panthers.

I wish we could have a society where racism was a thing of the past. But until organizations like the panthers really want equality, and they don’t, there will always be a hatred for others who don’t look like you.

Tim Curtis