Selling raffle tickets unfair

I am writing this letter today because I think that the taxpayers of Washington state should know that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is selling our game animals to the highest bidders (raffle permit hunts).

The WDFW is selling raffle tickets for multiple animals and multiple species. Also, if you are drawn for one of these hunts, the hunting season runs from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, instead of the two weeks that all of the other hunters are allowed.

It is my opinion that the game animals in Washington belong to taxpayers and should not be a source of revenue. It is also my opinion that a lot of people depend on game animals as a food source for their families and if some are allowed to harvest multiple animals, it lowers the chances for others hunters that are only allowed one animal per species.

If this bothers you, please let your elected officials and the WDFW know that you do want our big game animals protected, not sold. The website for WDFW is thank you for your help in protecting our wildlife.

Leonard Maine