Senior citizens hardly freeloaders

I am writing in response to the editorial cartoon by Matson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch printed in Thursday’s Herald.

As a senior citizen, I personally find it very offensive and insulting to the senior citizens of our country.

For years, starting at our youth, we worked hard and bore the burden of paying into Social Security — paid our taxes and premiums into health care insurance, etc. Illustrating us throwing a cane in the air and marching into Medicare totally without a care in the world is unfair.

Seniors continue to pay out of their Social Security checks for inflated medication expenses (after deductibles), inflated hospital/doctor bills until the day they die. In our case, for an example, $800 a month for two, which also included supplemental insurance.

My recently deceased husband of 50 years died in the hospital after a one and a half day’s stay, and I received a bill for more than $11,000, and the doctor bills are still rolling in.

We are not as portrayed — senior citizen freeloaders. We are still the paying generation and will be until our end.

Donna Draper