Senior citizens need price break

I agree with the writer of the letter, “Shelters seem to unfairly judge.” It is getting a little ridiculous, the rules and cost for adopting pets from the shelters. I am reading about how many animals are in the shelters and looking at all the posted pictures. Why does it cost so much to be able to adopt these pets? I am sure as with my case, being retired, that it is very hard for many on a fixed income to come up with a large amount to get the pet. I would be able to give them a good home and could afford to feed them and care for them, but I can’t spend a large amount to get them. I think they could give a price break to those people who would give them a good home but just cannot afford to put out the adoption cost. If they would do this I am sure they wouldn’t have so many unwanted pets. Many a senior citizen is lonely and would enjoy having a companion to share their life with.

Lucinda Metzger