Seniors do seem to be taking a hit

If I may “tag on” to two recent letters regarding how seniors will bear costs in the Affordable Health Care Program, my so-called “affordable” health-care payments are going up in 2013 by the sum of $49 per month. Group Health is increasing by 17 percent, according to my calculations, from $261 per month to $305, and Medicare is increasing by 5 percent from $99.90 to $104.90. When I called Group Health about this I was told that all costs are increasing; i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Administration, medical procedures, etc. I know all this (I haven’t been living in a vacuum) but this huge jump in one year seems out of line.

In 2010, I was paying $110.50 to Medicare monthly (for which I’m eligible through my late husband’s Social Security) and in 2011, the fee was $115.40. I thought everyone had this assessment but found out in late 2011 that only some recent enrollees were paying this. I have been in the program since 1996. The Medicare contact to whom I spoke, stated that since I don’t get Social Security, I had to pay more and I should be grateful that my monthly cost would only be $99.90 in 2012. My monthly retirement pension increases from $35 to $40 per month each year, so I will not be gaining anything from that in 2013.

Norene Hogle