Shake off apathy, take vote seriously

Well, the big election draws near and all the candidates are posturing with huge pocketbooks they hope will buy your vote by out spending their opponents. Their promise to you is that their plan is the plan that will surely make the difference. Statistically, more money equates to more votes, no matter what the campaign promise.

I sure wish it weren’t true, but it is, and that my fellow citizens is the reality of our politics. A sorry state of affairs that brings into the mix a huge element called voter apathy. Those with enormous money support seem, not only to beat up their opponents with cash, but also logistically attempt to minimize the other side through either manipulation of voter participation by making it harder for some segments of our society to be eligible to cast a ballot or lessen the field by turnout through simple voter apathy. Should these tactics ever be met with such voter disdain that the masses of apathetic citizens turnout in huge numbers sending a clear message to these wannabe career politicians, our system would be altered for the better.

Please, for the sake of preservation of our dear republic, take a moment before election day and think seriously about your role in all this. Please also take into consideration the enormous human sacrifices of those who have given their lives and the families who have lost loved ones in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all, and among those liberties, your right to vote.

Ron Pooler Sr.