Shame on Inslee for moratorium

I heard the news yesterday and read the story in the Herald this morning about Gov. Jay Inslee declaring a moratorium on the death penalty in this state. He says there are too many flaws in the system. Who the hell is he? We taxpayers elect the legislators who make the laws; we elect the Prosecutor to enforce the laws; we elect the Judges to make sure there is a fair trial and to impose the proper sentence according to the law; and in the case of a death penalty sentence, there is review and appeal after appeal. The taxpayers spend millions and millions prosecuting and defending each of these cases. What about equal justice for us taxpayers? I haven’t heard or read what he is doing to correct the flaws other than now to ignore the entire process good enough for centuries and the huge amount of money we spend on it.

Yes, we don’t have a perfect society and we never will. Our system does have flaws; I suspect there are flaws in our election process too, especially when we elected this governor. Shame on you! Equal Justice? For whom?

Gerry Gibson