Shared humanity found in sports

I’m a fan(atic) suiting up for March Madness. I bring to spring my cheerful winter enthusiasm:

My adrenaline raced, cheering Olympic marvels including Lindsey Vonn, Apolo Ohno and Shaun White, while applauding their inspiring biographies!

And “Hoo-a-boot those curlers, eh?’’ After about six Molson lagers, I was cheering for athletes with brooms, sweeping ice.

I dug deep into my fan locker to find polite cheers for biathlon: Some of life’s sports don’t seem to mix well; like driving and spooning, skiing and shooting.

I cheered loudest for Olympiad’s example that people from anywhere aren’t much different, and even while aggressively competing can find a shared humanity.

This month, I’m cheering hoop shooters — “Bite ’em, Gonzaga Bulldogs!”

Bruce Q. Hill