She’s earned another term

In 2006 we returned to Whidbey Island to retire and build our dream home. About the time we finished building we learned that Island County had taken the first step toward taxing us into insolvency by creating the new, odious and expensive Septic System Inspection Program. We met with the Island County commissioners, but our words fell on deaf ears. We further researched the state mandates and then asked state Rep. Barbara Bailey for help. That was a first for us and we were pleasantly surprised.

She agreed with our argument and promised to help. Within two weeks she had introduced a bill that would require county governments to make provisions for homeowners to inspect their own systems, regardless of type. Sadly, her bill was killed in committee. Since then, we have made it a point to attend numerous events where Barbara was a speaker. We have learned that she is a consistent conservative who understands the challenges that we citizens face. Not only does she “get it,” she takes action! We can only imagine what she will be able to accomplish when we send her back to Olympia as a member of the majority! Barbara Bailey has our support because she has earned it.

Jeff &Julie Lauderdale