Silence, please

Silence, please

The Best Picture Oscar went to “The Artist,” a silent movie, Sunday night.

Let’s hope the movie’s success ignites a trend. Just imagine silent versions of “Celebrity Apprentice,” “American Idol,” and, best of all, the Sunday afternoon talk shows.

Thanks for the memories: After an eight-year absence, Billy Crystal returned as Oscars host with his two signature gags: A film sequence in which he appears via CGI in clips from the best-picture contenders, and a musical number that salutes the ceremony and nominees.

Apparently he’s waiting until next year to bring back Bob Hope’s golf club.

Move over, Tiger Mother: This year’s entry in the “You’re Doing It Wrong, Stupid Americans” genre of parenting manuals is “Bringing Up Bebe,” which explores the charming characteristics of French babies. It seems Bebe is inclined to patiently while Maman enjoys her tasse de cafĂ© and a Gauloise.

The Buzz salutes the French. They may have surrendered to Germany, but when it comes to bratty, demanding kids, they’re Churchill during the London Blitz.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff