Sinking feeling

Sinking feeling

Every man for himself: The Titanic notwithstanding, “women and children first” was never the social norm on sinking ships, a study of maritime disasters shows. It turns out that crew members had the highest survival rates in shipwrecks, followed by captains and male passengers.

Well, you do know what they say about rats and sinking ships, right?

Mopar power: Three years after it nearly went belly-up, Chrysler is now roaring ahead like a ‘69 Super Bee with a 440 Six-Pack under the hood, thanks to strong sales of its Jeep Grand Cherokee, pickups and minivans.

And now, some timely advice for younger Buzz readers: Don’t remind your grandfather who’s been driving Chrysler products since 1957 that the company’s run by Italians these days. You’re welcome.

It’s a gift: As the garbage haulers’ strike drags on, you might be wondering how to get rid of that smelly stuff accumulating in your garage. As always, The Buzz is here to help.

Simply place the trash in a big cardboard box, which you then gift-wrap with a bow on the top. Then leave the package on the back seat of your unlocked car. You’re welcome.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff