Smart shows help elevate the debate

I have had my issues with the Herald from time to time, but your Wednesday editorial page yesterday was a real revelation. I was pleased to see your editors log in on the unfortunate loss of “Upfront with Robert Mak” and “KCTS9 Connects.” (Editorial, “Making better television.”) And then was a little disturbed to read two letters from people defending our broken Income tax system and the right of some citizens to become obscenely wealthy and still not pay a reasonable amount of this wealth to shoulder our common obligations as a society.

Then I realized that I — and all of us — need to be exposed to opinions opposite to our own. It was especially revealing to me to see your newspaper characterized as “left-leaning” since I have generally felt it was just the opposite.

These letters made clear why it is such a loss to have “Upfront” and “Connects” ending. The primary problems with our current political system seem to me to be lack of accurate information and suspicion of the “other side.” Even a political junky like me sometimes has trouble keeping up with who is doing what and why. We need more balanced, informative programs, not fewer.

Jonnee Denton