Snohomish should ban pot businesses

The Snohomish City Council needs to follow the actions of Monroe and Marysville, and ban marijuana related businesses, for the simple fact that it is against federal law.

If you look at the problems that Colorado has faced, many of which are a result of the simple fact that, despite what the Obama administration and the state legislature has tried to do, banks are not willing to do business with these operations until Congress passes a law legalizing marijuana.

We do not need these problems in the city of Snohomish.

The City of Snohomish has promoted a website, “Imagine Snohomish: Promoting Vitality and Preserving Character”.

Allowing these types of businesses will promote, rather than preserve, a whole new character, that will be toxic to our community, and our children.

As a high school science teacher, I have the utmost responsibility to plan experiments where I must take every precaution to ensure the safety of my students.

Initiative 502 is one big experiment, and if you read what is happening in Colorado, as well as the research that is beginning to come out regarding even casual use of marijuana, there are several warning signs.

This is not something that the City of Snohomish needs to be involved with.

There are plenty of stores that I shop at and patronize, but that does not mean I would want them in Snohomish.

I want a town that truly does promote vitality and preserve character, a safe place for my children to grow up.

Dave Weller


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