So much going for this city

It’s getting better to live in Everett all the time.

I’m thinking about the number of parks and public beaches scattered through our city … more than 40, I think. Last week I walked from Howarth Park to downtown along the beach. My destination was Sister’s restaurant for a bowl of their great soup. The public access was blocked due to a mudslide, but the workers unlocked the gate so I could continue … I love this place!

I walked back through town … passing the Schack Center and the Imagine Children’s Museum and wound my way through the fern-lined paths of Forest Park.

Last week I went to the Everett Film Festival at The Everett Performing Arts Center for a gala and two days of entertainment and inspiration. Across the plaza another event was in full swing. Not far away Comcast Arena’s marine themed architecture sailed in the sky. The street parking was free.

Not all of these things are new; some are just getting better.

As a city we are getting a lot right, but the development along our waterfronts, both Port Gardner Bay and the Snohomish River, will be the tipping point for Everett. Either we do it in a people-embracing way which celebrates our unique geography, or we focus on short-term goals (money).

Ruth Bagge