Sodden solstice

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Fluid druids: A downpour dampened the ceremonies of the annual summer solstice celebration at England’s ancient Stonehenge.

About 14,500 attended the celebration with most people singing pop tunes and drinking cheap booze, all while standing in the rain, or as the celebration is known in the Pacific Northwest, the Fourth of July.

Fuzzy dice optional: Dodge, hoping to attract young drivers and aging baby boomers at the same time, has revived the Dart name for its new four-door compact car. As many as 100,000 different combinations of the Dart will be available using options for engines, transmissions, interior and paint.

Boomers, for example can opt for the vinyl top, front lap belts, hood scoop and 8-track tape player.

What the bleep? The U.S. Supreme Court has thrown out fines against broadcasters levied by the Federal Communications Commission for violations of its policy on curse words and nudity on television broadcasts.

The court didn’t rule on the larger question of the constitutionality of the FCC’s indecency policy but did uphold the high court’s use of a swear jar and reminded Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia that they each still owed $3.50 to the jar.