Solace for local Sikh community

We join the Sikh community of Washington State in thanking President Obama for his decision to fly the U.S. flag at half mast on the White House to honor the memory of those killed in a senseless act of violence by a lunatic in Wisconsin. The Oak Creek tragedy sent a wave of fear in the minority communities in the United States, but this kind gesture made them realize that they live in a proud country which is known for religious freedom.

Those killed in Wisconsin can’t be brought back, but the First Lady’s visit to the community gave solace to the families of the deceased.

We have nothing but praise for the local law enforcement authorities, especially the local FBI officials, led by Marty Prewett, who came to our Gurudwara to give us pointers for safety and made us feel safe and secure.

Harjinder Pal Singh

Director of Public Relations

Jaswinder Singh, President

Sikh Centre of Seattle