Some questions for the contenders

Below is a list of questions that I would like to see Republican presidential contenders answer:

If you support military action against Iran to stop them from developing a nuclear weapon, do you also support military action against North Korea, a rogue country that already has nuclear weapons?

If you oppose gays serving in the military, do you also oppose gays working in the Department of Defense, federal government, or all government jobs?

If you support a travel and business ban for U.S. citizens going to Cuba because it is a communist country, do you support the same ban for Vietnam (another communist country)?

If you believe that waterboarding is legal and a legitimate way to obtain confessions from terrorists, would you, as president, order waterboarding of all suspects arrested for committing federal crimes to obtain their confessions?

If you believe that climate change science is a hoax, would you, as president, order the end of all federal funding for climate change science and research?

Do you believe that the principle of religious freedom allows any business owned by a religious organization to ignore any law that the religious organization opposes?

Extra credit question: How old should retirees be to be eligible to receive Social Security benefits?

I would love to hear the answers.

Doug Beyerlein

Mill Creek