Speaking of …

Speaking of …

Pardon our Italian: A London-based department store chain has taken on Starbucks’ coffee nomenclature, allowing customers to order in “plain English.” Tall, grande and venti are now small, medium and large. Cappuccino is now “frothy coffee,” and lattes are “really milky coffees.”

But why stop there? We suggest some “plain English” for chips, bangers, mash, boot, biscuit, googlebox and argy-bargy.

He does so have to shoot me now: Cabela’s, the hunting, fishing and outdoors supplier in Tulalip, is offering a duck identification class for kids on Sunday. Kids can touch and hear the calls of different ducks and learn how to make duck sounds.

What the kids do with that information afterward is up to their parents.

Koshik want a peanut: South Korean language scientists have confirmed the claims of zookeepers at the Everland Zoo in Yongin that Koshik the elephant is able to “speak” the Korean words for “sit down,” “no,” “lie down,” “good” and “hello” by placing its trunk in its mouth.

There’s no evidence that Koshik understands the words he is using. But then, there’s no evidence that duck hunters understand the quacks they make.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff