Special treatment in this case?

Monday’s letters included a call for compassion for Derek Carlile’s family (“Carlile Trial: Pain and grief unfathomable”). Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry for the child that died.I am even more sorry for the boy who accidentally killed his sister: what a burden for him to carry for the rest of his life.

The person whom I am not sorry for is Derek Carlile. His negligence caused his daughter’s death. As I recall, there were several other, similar incidents which happened at the same time. Those parents were charged within days with criminal responsibility for their child’s death. Meanwhile Carlile benefited from the month’s long delay while the police and prosecutors apparently tried to spin the situation so that Carlile could go scott free. What else could explain the delay?

The Herald would do a public service by investigating those other cases and comparing them with how Carlile was handled. I would like to know the results of all of them, and I am sure that there are other members of the public who would like to know if this is just one more case where the police and judges get kid gloves treatment not available to the public at large.

Martin Collins