Specious origins

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Specious origins

You say you want an evolution: Atheists, freethinkers and humanists have joined ranks in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington, home to Washington State University, and will mark their collaboration by celebrating International Darwin Day with events dubbed “Darwin on the Palouse.”

Fortunately, Darwin never visited Pullman, the breeding range of the drunken Coug, wazzusius intoxicatius, which might have caused the famed naturalist to question his research for “The Origin of Species.”

What’s up, dog? Champis the bunny, a 5-year-old pet rabbit in Sweden, has apparently picked up sheepherding skills by watching the family’s dogs. A video has gone viral on YouTube that shows the rabbit herding sheep on the farm.

Unimpressed with all the attention the bunny was getting, the family duck stalked off angrily, threatening to call a hunter by the name of Fudd.

Moving the needle: The U.S. Senate, hoping to improve Congress’ tarnished public image, passed legislation that will bar members of Congress from trading in stock and making other financial decisions on the basis of insider information, an act that already is illegal for any American.

On a roll, Congress continued its public-image burnishing by declaring Champis the bunny a national hero.