State hates the sin, loves the tax revenue

The Wednesday letter about the legalization of marijuana once again brings a smile to my face. (“Sign petition, help protect someone.”) I am now considered a senior citizen, and have watched and listened to this debate for more years than I can remember.

Although I do not personally partake of this form of recreation, I have many acquaintances who do. They are harmless, and do not cause traffic accidents, nor “move on to hard drugs.” It would seem to make a lot more sense to legalize and tax pot than continue to hammer the cigarette smokers with outrageous per-pack taxes. On the one hand, the state passes laws that appear to make it impossible for cigarette smokers to enjoy smoking without being looked upon as “those people who make everyone else sick with their dirty little habit.” Yet, these same people obviously count on the revenue from these “low-lifes” to support the state in so many ways.

So, which is it? Do you really want people to quit? Or do you want everyone to continue smoking in order to contribute to filling the hole in the states deficit? I would think that the untapped revenue from the legal sales of marijuana is certainly something that should be looked at.

Linda Varon