State rights act rife with problems

Thank you to “In Our View” for pointing out another potential danger to Washington state voters and taxpayers in the Sept. 14 editorial “A time for voting rights” — that danger is the Washington Voting Rights Act.

In the first sentence it looks like a good idea and I thought “That is how it should be” as long as the voters are legal. But as the editorial goes on to point out, if this act passes the Legislature, the fact that 10 Eastern Washington counties containing one-third Latino “residents” could be grounds for a challenge if they don’t have Latino representation in the candidates. The ethnicity of the “residents” should not have bearing on the representation, especially since a great number of these could reasonably be illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants should not have the opportunity to have any influence on voter outcomes and taxpayer burdens.

Latinos are not stupid people. If they are legal citizens of this great country, have taken serious advantage of the education this country offers, they are interested in running and make themselves politically savvy, they can run just as I could if I so desired to make the effort it takes. I could run, but if I ran as a Republican in this overwhelmingly Democrat region, I probably wouldn’t be successful, either. Compare the Republican representation in any city/county council, etc., in Western Washington, very few Republicans hold the post. Would this act allow those of us who are Republican who feel that we are not sufficiently represented to challenge that a district be constructed for only Republicans (single-member)? That would be ludicrous.

I am hoping that our Legislature does not even seriously consider this act. It is tantamount to affirmative action, which has been ruled unconstitutional.

Ginni DeLeone

Unincorporated Snohomish County

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