Stating the truth isn’t ‘negative’

I had to chuckle (not quite a guffaw) at the Tuesday letter in The Herald complaining about Rob McKenna’s “negative” campaign. (“Break the trend, keep it clean.”) The letter writer essentially said that while Jay Inslee’s dismal record in Congress is true, apparently pointing this out to the voters is “negative” campaigning. Jay Inslee has been a tax-and-spend politician from day one and has no problem voting to spend billions (trillions?) of taxpayer money on the failed programs of the Obama administration.

He has been one of the most ineffective Congressman to ever represent the state of Washington. In his campaign ads he takes credit for the success of Boeing, Microsoft and pretty much every successful business in Washington (you didn’t build it!). He wants to oversee the finances and budget for the state of Washington but apparently can’t manage his own personal finances (a bogus deduction on his tax returns, taking money out of his retirement funds to pay for home repairs because he has no savings, and giving a minimal amount to charities). Remember, he is in the 1 percent! And, of course, we are still waiting for him to do the morally right thing and reimburse the taxpayers for the million plus dollars for the special election made necessary when he dumped on his constituents to run for governor. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Mike Shouse