Stealing lunch reflects problem

Democrat Denny Heck running for Washington’s new 10th district won the election. Did anyone besides me pickup on his TV ad? A bearded man sits in the employees’ cafeteria, gorging down a sandwich as fast as he can (the liberal free lunch guy). A man in a suit walks in (the conservative who bought the ingredients and packed his own lunch), checks the fridge for his lunch and not finding it in there, says to the seated man “that’s my lunch!” The next frame shows Denny Heck saying (to paraphrase) “with all the bickering, we will never get anything done” — as if the man does not have the right to be outraged that his lunch was stolen. Then Heck offers the man in the suit half of the man’s own sandwich.

How typical.

Ginni DeLeone

Unincorporated Snohomish County