Still satisfied with endorsement?

About 15 months ago The Herald editorial board (and others) recommended that we vote to re-elect the then current members of the government. I am wondering how satisfied you are with your recommendations folks? Never in the history of our nation has a bunch of lowlifes been re-elected to continue their destruction of our country. On behalf of many, many folks I have spoken with in the past months, thanks a lot!

For 2014 why don’t you “media” folks try the truth for a change? It has been so recommended in the past, many, many times, in fact. It has been lies that got us where we are so please stand up and take a bow for being among the truly un-Americans among us.

When you look “East” to get your daily dish of lies from D.C., ask if the source includes “sealed papers.” Has anyone ever asked who the authority for sealing papers actually is?

And here’s the question almost none of the left or right loudmouths on all the TV and radio channels has the intestinal fortitude to ask of Democratic strategists: “How many voters would have voted as they did if they knew what was in the ‘sealed papers’ that have been so diligently kept under cover?” One need not say a word to be a liar, just covering up what your disqualifying characteristics are, is enough to do it!

In 2014 the real, patriotic Americans will be taking back our country. Morons and liars, watch out.

Richard Jauch

Camano Island