Stonecipher’s plan pure pipe dream

Councilwoman Stonecipher is pushing for a strip mall, aka business park, and public waterfront rights to take over the old Kimberly Clark site that sits directly across from the naval base. (Sunday Viewpoints, “What is the right use for old mill site?”) Has she been absent from Everett since the Navy came to town? I worked at Kimberly Clark just shy of 39 years before they closed the doors and I witnessed a lot of changes, especially when the Navy came to town. We were all issued a photo-ID badge with a micro-chip that was to be worn on your person at all times when on site. We had turnstiles installed at all entrances to enter and exit the mill. You couldn’t pass through those turnstiles without that badge. Chain link fences went up on all existing property around us to prevent access to the water because it sat across from the aircraft carrier.

Does she not think the Navy will have a problem with the public having access so close to their carrier and ships? I really don’t think this site was meant for her “pipe dream.” Maybe she should pitch her idea on a different waterfront site that doesn’t sit directly across from an aircraft carrier.

I agree whole-heartedly with Councilman Affholter to keep this site as a working waterfront. Everything is sitting there already. He is spot-on in his thinking when he says, “The worst thing we can do is to get stuck with ideas that look good on paper, but might ultimately fail because of economic realities.” And: “The last thing I want to see is for this property to sit vacant for a decade or longer.”

Stonecipher’s dream will kill the waterfront. I can see it now … some fancy new buildings sitting vacant, windows busted out, weeds filling the once beautifully landscaped areas, and the terns filling the rooftops with their babies and stinky fish skeletons. Not to mention, the Navy patrol boats sitting off shore with their sights aimed back at the deserted, unfenced public waterfront areas.

Veronica Sheflo

Lake Stevens