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Thank you for printing the recent article by Associated Press writer Stephen Ohlemacher, “GOP builds House advantage.” In his story, Ohlemacher reports how the Grand Old Party has resorted to gerrymandering voting districts to safely protect their seats in Congress. Also known as the “Republican Redmap Strategy,” they plan to redraw voting district lines to insure retaining or gaining seats in the House.

After the 2012 loss, we heard Republican leaders talk of steps to perhaps be more inclusive of the poor, minorities, the middle-class and women. But their reality is rather than any changes in their same old bigoted ideologies or tried and failed policies, it is better in their view to circumvent democracy by way of this plan. Safe and secure in their gerrymandered districts, they can say anything, do nothing and obstruct everything without any fear of the vote. This sneaky tactic reminds us of who we are dealing with and how Democrats, Progressives and Independents must get off our sofas and get out the vote this November.

Victoria Applegate


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