Student heroes put idea into gear

The event at Glacier Peak High School on Dec. 15 was impressive. Our daughter Ali was the receiver of an amazing opportunity to drive a car. (Dec. 15 article, “A taste of driving.”) As a senior in high school she never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever be able to drive a car, as she is blind. As humbled as we are to see our daughter be blessed in such a way our attention is captured by the compassionate hearts of the Glacier Peak community.

Brooklyn Dana, another senior at GP, came up with the idea of creating this driving opportunity for Ali, and solicited help from Adrian Caple, also a senior. These two students are heroes. Not just because they blessed our daughter in an incredible way but because they took an idea and ran with it. Put anybody in Ali’s shoes, any other kid with a wish or a need, or just someone who may need a little something special, and make an idea come to fruition and that is the real meaning of this story. The Herald reporter, Eric Stevick, did a great job of bringing this event to life in last Sunday’s Herald.

In light of the horrible events of this past week our hope is that this story encourages others to take an “idea,” like Brooklyn and Adrian did, and bring it to life. Compassion and kindness can go a long way in making our society more safe and enjoyable to live in.

We want to thank the Glacier Peak community and all those who were involved in making this event happen, you all are deserving of much praise.

Ken and Cyndie Steenis

Proud members of the Snohomish community