Student testified on behalf of others

Regarding letters about Rush Limbaugh and law student Sandra Fluke: Ms. Fluke did not testify that she wanted the government to pay for the frequency of her sexual escapades. Rather, she hoped to appear before a committee of the House to discuss the imperative of birth control medications for those for whom those pills were a medical necessity.

Her friend at this Catholic institution had a problem with ovarian cysts which required birth control medications that she could not afford. She was denied coverage and, as a result, had infections resulting in the loss of an ovary, reducing her chances of ever having a child by 50 percent.

Ms. Fluke did not complain as to the government’s obligation to pay for her sex. It was never argued, in fact, that Ms. Fluke is not a virgin, although Rush has seen fit to call her a slut and a prostitute. Not only did he insist that she was, but he kept at her for three days. And in the end, he offered an “apology” to the degree that he could have come up with better words to call her a prostitute and a slut. Mayhap a strumpet and a bawd. One should not accuse Rush of being anti-semantic!

We fought these reproductive wars in the ’50s and ’60s. The Repubs keep yelling that we need to get the government out of our lives, but are purulently fascinated with keeping it in our bedrooms.

Ian Robertson