Study, article not at all enlightening

Wednesday’s Associated Press article stating that “abortion rates are higher in countries where it’s illegal” has to be one of the worst pieces of journalism I’ve ever read. Far from being an informative exposition on the subject, the article bordered on advocacy and contained many dubious statements.

In the second paragraph the author noted that “experts” didn’t know whether more liberal abortion laws resulted in fewer abortions, calling into question the whole premise of the article. The article also made repeated references to “safe” abortions. What’s a safe abortion? That’s one of the worst oxymorons I’ve ever heard. Abortions are always unsafe for the baby involved because the whole purpose of an abortion is to kill the baby. How can we as a society condone this activity? Just as there was no justification for Hitler’s mass extermination of the Jews of Europe, there is no justification for the mass extermination of unborn babies. Any baby whose mother cannot or does not want to take care of him or her should be put up for adoption. There’s a multitude of loving families just waiting for a baby to adopt. No baby should have to die because it is “unwanted.”

Peter Scougale