Suing family seeking easy buck

Regarding the Oct 19 article titled: “Speed cited in fatal crash”. Shame on the parents of teenager Lars Kundu and the lawyers that are representing them trying to extort $50 million from Snohomish County. Unfortunately a teenager lost his life and two teenagers were seriously injured, but, it had nothing to do with the road being unsafe. I am tired of hearing about it.

Lars Kundu was injured because he was riding in a car with a newly licensed driver that was speeding excessively and should not have been carrying passengers based on his intermediate driver status. I find it hard to believe Lars Kundu did not know he should of not been in that car. Yet he chose to drive with him anyway and it cost him serious injuries. I wonder if he told the driver to slow down? Funny how there are witnesses stating that the car was speeding excessively. If the road is so unsafe why is there not accidents on a daily basis? Could it be because most of the people driving that road are doing the posted speed limit? Now, I am not saying this applies to all. But, it is a shame when some lawyers and parents are looking for a easy buck at the expense of the tax payers. The loss of life and injuries in this case has nothing to do with the road. Maybe the lawsuit should not be focused at Snohomish County but elsewhere? Like the parents of the driver?

Ty Sauve