Summer starts with another tax

Hello, Mountlake Terrace!

You have a brand new tax! Starting this July, it will cost you an additional $20 to license your vehicle here in Mountlake Terrace! Your City Council formed a new Transportation Benefit District and levied a tab fee to raise funds for infrastructure improvements required by their Downtown Revitalization Project. You didn’t get to vote! You have no say in the matter. License a car here, pay the fee. Simple as that!

Have you ever wondered how government gets so big and out of control? How capital projects take on a life of their own and snowball into an all-consuming, ever-expanding monster enveloping everyone and everything in its path? This is how! Blind allegiance to a grandiose idea without concern for casualties, social or economic. You have just been run over by your own City Council!

Next, they are going to ask you to approve a $25 million levy to finance their new city hall. I bet that’s quite a bit more than $20 a year. There comes a time when you have to stand up and say “enough is enough.” We can’t afford this grandiose idea! We have to live within our means. I won’t kick the can down to the next generation to pay the bill for something most Mountlake Terrace citizens will never set foot in.

Try and stand up! If not for you, for the next generation of Mountlake Terrace residents who will doubtlessly be buried in other handed down debt.

Jack S. Allen

Mountlake Terrace