Surface appeal

Surface appeal

Microsoft’s Surface tablet will go on sale Oct. 26 starting at $499, the company said Tuesday.

But your Aunt Millie should hold out for the more expensive version coming later that will run Windows applications — including her beloved Windows Solitaire.

And plenty of vodka on ice, too: In Russia, 40 percent of adults smoke, a pack of cigarettes costs less than $2 and the bars and the air inside restaurants resembles the set of “Mad Men” during Don Draper’s tense scenes. But now Russia’s leaders are pressing for laws that would ban tobacco advertising and clamp down on puffing in public places and government buildings.

If the Kremlin’s smoking bans become law, Americans can only hope Russia’s ICBM launch sites will contain ample designated smoking areas.

Green Cadillac: General Motors says it will roll out a plug-in hybrid Cadillac in late 2013.

The car will be based on Chevrolet Volt technology. However, the people who will comprise its primary market typically will be much more likely to wear white shoes and white belts than fair-trade hemp ponchos.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff