Take extra care, time on the roads

Winter driving is upon us, and we all need to pay more attention to our surroundings and what is going on in front, in back and to the sides of us. Especially now that it gets dark so early, and the weather is always a factor, we need to be aware! Not only should we be watching for the drivers around us, but bicyclists and pedestrians, too.

Some bicyclists, not all, act as though the Rules Of The Road do not apply to them — running red lights, cutting in front of cars, not wearing helmets and wearing headphones, which make it difficult for them to hear. Pedestrians have a thought process that “they can see me, no matter what.” Wrong, we cannot always see you, especially if it is dark.

No matter what the season, drivers looking for parking places on Colby Avenue in downtown Everett are problems. From what I understand, it is illegal to cross a double yellow line. As late as Friday evening, I, along with many other drivers, sat on Colby and waited for a woman to leave a parking place so that the person in front of me could make that “left turn,” no signal used, over double yellow lines to take the parking place. It was one of those “where is the policeman when you need him” kind of situations.

Driving without headlights on is another problem. People take for granted that other drivers can always see them; not true! Another driving disaster waiting to happen on frosty and snowy days: People do not take the time to scrape ice and snow off their cars, hindering their vision.

We all have the responsibility of keeping our streets safe for everyone. It is time we take that seriously and do our part to make this a safe, accident-free winter/holiday season. Include these words — Don’t drink and drive!

Cheryl Deckard