Take this job …

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

… and find a qualified applicant: Most people have daydreamed about quitting and telling off the boss, but it could make your job search tougher. When prospective employers call a past employer, the old boss can be asked if you’d be eligible for rehiring.

However, the telling-off-the-boss fantasy can still be used as a follow-up to the winning-the-lottery fantasy.

  • And that new plane smell: Boeing unveiled a partial interior on one of its 787 test planes. The Dreamliners will feature larger windows, better lighting and more space in the overhead baggage compartment.

    Although you might be tempted, FAA regulations will prohibit passengers from crawling into the baggage compartment so they can stretch out and take a nap.

  • How high can you fly? A San Francisco man who forced the diversion of a US Airways flight because he screamed, dropped his pants and fought with crew members blamed his outburst on a double-dose of medical marijuana brownies he ate before his flight.

    OK. That guy you can stow in the overhead luggage bin.