Tarzan sad

Tarzan sad

Now will never learn truth: Depending on who you talk to, a chimpanzee who died at a Florida animal sanctuary was either Cheetah, Tarzan’s 80-year-old ape sidekick, or an imposter. The shelter director claims documentation proving Cheetah’s past was lost in a 1995 fire.

Police initially suspected Tantor the elephant and Numa the lion with causing the fire out of jealousy but were unable to link the pair to the blaze.

Where’s the on button? Game maker Hasbro is selling its classic board games, including Life, Clue, Risk and Scrabble, in special-edition wooden boxes as boomers reconnect with their childhoods and show their grandkids what fun was like before Angry Birds.

And the kids are going to be just as underwhelmed by the board games as the boomers were when their grandparents tried to interest them in guiding a rolling metal hoop down the street with a stick.

Divided we stall: The new boundaries for the state’s 1st Congressional District may make it “the most evenly divided congressional district” in the U.S., said Republican Slade Gorton, who had a hand in redrawing them.

Accordingly, The Buzz amends its proposal from yesterday and suggests the 1st District be represented not by a Magic 8 Ball but by a coin flip.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff