Tasty Forum recipes are not to blame

Regarding the letter, “Forum recipes need lean update,” in which a gentleman wrote about his “disbelief” that The Herald had been “irresponsibly printing unhealthy recipes” for years:

Well, please allow me to re-tart, uh, retort.

Holding The Herald and Judyrae Kruse responsible for obesity of Washingtonians is tantamount to blaming Ford for reckless drivers or C&H for tooth decay.

On one hand, the writer casts blame on this publication for its irresponsible printing practices, while on the other, he has been “laughing at their combination of ingredients for years.” Why the change of heart? Some study?

It’s time we all grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. People are obese for one of two reasons. They either have a medical condition and through no fault of their own, they cannot seem to shed weight by diet or exercise. Or they have eaten themselves into that condition and it’s their own fault. I do not know when we started being a nation of cry-baby, blame-placing whiners, but I think this is one more instance of what we have become.

The suggestion that the paper disclose “the nutritional facts as well as the portion of recommended daily allowances for fats, etc.,” is ludicrous. Maybe, for his contribution to society, the writer would like to pony-up and pay for all that extra column space. There are plenty of health-conscious recipe books for all those who require them. These recipes are printed for their taste and they are probably traditional family dishes, from when they were invented for just that, taste.

I, on the other hand, am height/weight proportionate and love all of these tasty morsels that The Herald, Judyrae and her “helper-outers” provide! Thanks a lot, by the way.

So, in short, keep up the great work, Judyrae; I am looking forward to more of your healthy recipes.

Gregory L. Burton

Little Rock, Wash.