Tax isn’t for those who can’t afford it

An unfair tax?

The GOP is spinning the Supreme Court Decision on health care by saying it will force citizens to buy health care insurance and if they don’t they will be taxed $600.

Who is this unfair to? It is only going to tax those citizens who can afford insurance but have chosen not to buy it, and who, when they get sick head for the emergency room, which is 10 times more expensive than a physician’s visit. And guess who foots their bill? You and I, because our premiums go up to pay for their care. Care that is free to them, but not to the rest of us, because we all pay for it.

So if the GOP considers it unfair, I say what about the unfairness of making those of us who purchase insurance pay higher premiums because some people (who can well afford it) choose not to buy it?

I think this is a good, fair tax, despite how the GOP spins it.

My respect for our court system has been restored and I am proud of Chief Justice Roberts (a Bush appointee).

Elaine Knapp RN