Tax, license bicycles like cars

I think it is time to reevaluate this road package. (Article, “Governor unveils $3.6 billion plan to pay for state roads, ferries, bridges.”) How come the only people that have to pay for the roads are the ones who drive motorized vehicles? I feel that people who ride bicycles should have to take a state-sanctioned class to learn proper road etiquette, at which point they will pay $25 for a license, then they should have to pay $50 to put a license plate on their bike and a stamped plate with a VIN number on that bike so we know that the plate belongs to the bike.

This would help the the cost of the road maintenance that we all pay for, which includes the bike lanes. I feel that if they want to share our road that they should pay for that privilege just like the rest of us.

Sparky L. Waterman