Tax system needs real revamping

I own a small business. Part of owning a business is how you pay your rent. I pay what is called triple net. This means that I pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance.

Two of these have remained fairly stable over the last few years.

Today I received the semiannual invoice for the second half taxes.

Over the last several years my taxes here have increased from about $300 to almost $550 per half. Why is this so when property values have dropped by at least half since Obama took office?

I’m not saying Mr. Obama is responsible for the value decrease or for the tax increase here but what is going on with these property tax increases?

If you don’t see something wrong with this picture then there is something wrong with you! Perhaps its time for a change in the leadership that this state, county, and country has had.

Norman Moss

Superior Machine