Taxpayers paid for road, bridge

I am retired and enjoy fly fishing. Recently, I emailed Herald columnist Wayne Kruse to alert him of a gate that blocks off a fishing hole as well as a recreation area for families. Mr. Kruse followed through and wrote that some local land owners paid (paid who?) to construct a gate (on a public road and bridge) to keep families and fishermen out of their domain to discourage partying, shooting, fishing, etc.

I have fished this area for a long time and I have never seen this area used as a dump site. There is some graffiti on the bridge and on the rocks near the river but nothing that resembles abuse of a public area.

As a taxpayer, I expect to be able to use the roads and bridges I’ve partially paid for. To close the road to the public is wrong and I believe against the law of public domain. Will someone in our very large group of elected officials please explain how/why this gate was allowed to be installed in the interest of a few individuals and at the expense of those that elect them.

Terry C. Hawley


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