Tea party lost its way in a hurry

When the tea party movement first started out I was elated because I foolishly thought that after sliding into a financial/societal meltdown, the public finally caught on to the fact that both the Republicans and the Democrats are the enemy.

I thought that major issues like outsourcing and immigration would be the rallying cry for disaffected workers around the nation. But no, the tea party’s idea of a societal revolution is to worship Sarah Palin and move from reading National Review to Reader’s Digest. Instead, like a bunch of old soviets who yearn for the return of “Uncle Joe” Stalin, they yearn for the resurrection of Ronald Reagan, who is the Republican version of the antichrist compared to the memory of Theodore Roosevelt. No revolution here, folks.

The tea partiers have let their movement be hijacked by high-profile Republicans who lead them by their nose rings and what few effective speakers they’ve had have been silenced because they don’t want to be called names by the newscasters and allow them to determine the ground rules of the “revolution.”

Meanwhile, the real revolution of impoverished and defeated Americans sit glumly in their about-to-be foreclosed homes watching their jobs go overseas and their neighborhoods being filled with people who don’t speak English, all the while being told they are bad sports for complaining about any of it. These people patiently wait for someone to speak for them but it does not seem forthcoming and it doesn’t look like the tea party will either.

Jeremy Dunn