Team is a lesson in not giving up

Regarding the article, “‘Tips lose heartbreaker”: At the moment when that final shot slipped past Kent ‘Simpson and entered the net, the emotion drained from not only the Tips on the ice, but from the fans as well. While we listened to the Tri-City faithful celebrating their victory, we saw three Everett players prone on the ice — clearly devastated by the loss. In just seconds, the entire crowd was on their feet — Tri-City fans ecstatic over seeing their team move on, but Everett fans quickly realizing what they had just witnessed.

Sports is often used as a metaphor for life. “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” has become a public domain phrase to us all. On Wednesday night, we certainly saw that, but we also saw so much more. Tri-City has an incredibly skilled team of hockey players, the kind of talent that comes from a combination of gifted ability and endless years of hard work. We have to admit, given the performance of that team over the season and for the last four games against the Silvertips, they clearly deserved to win this series and move on in the playoffs.

But what I saw out of the Everett team in the face of that reality was inspiring. Tri-City player Brendan Shinnimin, an outstanding talent, said after Tuesday’s game, “They’re a team that doesn’t quit.” And that is what we saw in the final game of the series.

If sports is a metaphor for life, this display by our local hockey heroes was an inspiring lesson. Do not give up, no matter how hard it is to keep going; never let go of your dreams, and fight until you can fight no more to achieve your goal. To the Tips team, a tip of the hat — you have shown the city and the league what character is. You simply did not quit. Thank you for a great season.

Dennis Willard