Teegarden’s ideas already in use

Recent Herald articles and letters are raising awareness about Snohomish County PUD’s highly controversial plans to dam the Skykomish River. These plans triggered American Rivers 2012 designation of the Skykomish as one of the nations most endangered rivers. New hydropower is automatically disqualified as “renewable energy” under State law and this project is facing significant public opposition. Learn more at www.savetheskyriver.org.

PUD Commissioner Aldrich stated in a recent letter to the editor that the dam project will be decided “on the basis of actual facts and figures and not on unfounded hyperbole.” He also claimed that PUD “pioneered development of solar energy, tidal power, and geothermal.”

In fact, PUD abandoned it’s geothermal project this spring at a loss of millions of ratepayer dollars, and PUD press releases on its tidal project suddenly ceased more than two years ago. Mr. Aldrich presented no real data in support and the facts argue against reelecting Commissioner Vaughn.

Eric Teegarden first proposed affordable PUD-backed loans allowing homeowners to install solar power systems in 2006 and his proposal was adopted in 2008 as part of the Solar Express Program. Mr. Teegarden powers his own home with solar energy and advocates affordable solar and conservation opportunities for homeowners and businesses.

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council determined that our region must meet new demand mainly through conservation (85 percent), and qualified renewable resources such as solar and wind (15 percent) over the next 20 years.

Mr. Teegarden embraces this sensible approach and deserves our consideration for the PUD Commissioner position.

David Wick