Teenagers’ kind acts often go unnoticed

On Dec. 8, the Future Business Leaders of America group from Marysville Getchell High School, School For the Entrepreneur, lead by Kris Mikesell, hosted the third annual Holiday Gift Bazaar. This event has grown in participants to well over 90 vendors. Where once all the vendors would fit into our dining commons area, they have now taken over every square inch of the gymnasium, in addition to the dining area!

Being the principal of the School For the Entrepreneur, I enjoy attending all events at the Marysville Getchell campus. This one was no exception. As I wandered up and down each aisle, I engaged in conversation with a variety of attendees and vendors. As I approached one elderly woman who was behind her table, she quickly grabbed my arm with some very urgent news!

With a grip as tight as a vice, she went on to tell me the story of her morning: It was snowy that morning as she arrived to set up her wares. She was greeted pleasantly by a young man, one of our student athletes in FBLA. He asked if he could be of assistance to her. She asked which way to begin setting up for the bazaar? With a firm grasp around her arm, he escorted her very slowly from her car through the slush and onto safe ground in front of the main entrance. He then proceeded to retrieve all of her merchandise, change box, and display racks for her in order to set up her exhibit. She was so impressed with her experience; she just had to tell someone associated with our school. That was me.

The wonderful vendor went on to share how well-organized this bazaar was and how so very helpful everyone was to her. She touted all the student helpers, the bazaar coordinator, and the beautiful MG facilities. She asked who she could write a letter to in order to share her experiences. I reassured her that her story would be told.

I am proud to say that these types of experiences happen at all high schools across our land. Many good deeds by teenagers go unnoticed and unpublicized. There are many good things that are said about our young people today. Let’s keep our faith in our younger generation. Here at the School For the Entrepreneur, this was just one of those acts that someone just couldn’t let go unnoticed!

Dave Rose


School For the Entrepreneur

Marysville Getchell High School

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