Tehran Barbie

Tehran Barbie

Authorities in Iran have resumed their decades-long crackdown on Barbie, saying the doll exemplifies unwholesome Western culture.

How typical of the cruel, repressive Iranian regime to deny that nation’s girls the opportunity to dress provocatively, crave expensive status symbols and starve themselves so they may have freakishly skinny waists.

Flat-pack profitable: The Great Recession apparently did not dampen the world’s appetite for stylish, affordable furniture and housewares, as Ikea reported a 10-percent increase in profits in 2011.

To mark the achievement, the Swedish company plans to roll out a line of tasteful birch-plywood bookcases called RECESSIÖN PROÖF.

The blamestream media: With Newt Gingrich swinging into a neck-and-neck race with Mitt Romney, South Carolina voters go to the polls Saturday in the state’s crucial presidential primary election.

If Gingrich pulls off the come-from-behind upset win, his victory speech will be highlighted by a jublilant five-minute berating of NBC news anchor Brian Williams.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff