Tent is occupied, with utilities paid

Regarding the Wednesday letter, “Time to remove 100 percent of tent”: After reading the writer’s opinion on the Occupy Everett tent, I rushed to view the courthouse grass. Most of the dead spots have come back to lush green, thanks to the great work of the grounds-keeping crew and the Washington weather. So there is no damage done that an Everett spring cannot fix.

I think the 10 or more people who met in the “ghost” tent last night would find it amusing that they have passed on and been regulated to haunting the courthouse complex. There are few people during the day, most are busy making a living and fighting to improve the conditions of the 99 percent.

If the writer were interested in Occupy Everett and its tent, he would find we have been fighting to stop illegal foreclosures and educating homeowners to fight back against bank efforts to take their homes.

We push to overturn the Citizens United ruling, fighting for a constitutional amendment declaring corporations are not people and corporate money should not dominate politics. Resolutions have been introduced at the caucuses around the country by occupy and other groups. We protest the crimes of the 1 percent at downtown intersections, with bannering of highway overpasses and in marches.

The real eyesore in our country is not dead grass but the demise of the middle class and assault on our democracy. The tent is symbolic of the danger we are in. It says this is our community. We will occupy our community to save it.

P.S. Unlike the 1 percent, Occupy Everett pays its fair share. The county is paid $50 a month for electricity to the tent. This allows us to have educational presentations and provides light at evening meetings.

Michael Lapointe