Jon Bauer, Herald staff

No, you won’t be back: A new poll shows Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Cally-forn-ee-ah, has the lowest approval rating among that state’s voters for a sitting governor in more than 50 years. Only 22 percent approve of his performance, while 70 percent disapprove.

The good news is that Schwarzenegger will soon go back to the year 2003 to terminate Jay Leno so he never goes on “The Tonight Show” and never runs for office.

  • Colton toes the line: Before alleged airplane thief Colton Harris-Moore, the “Former Fugitive in White Socks and Plastic Sandals,” can be returned to the Northwest, he will appear Friday in federal court in Miami for a hearing to prove his identity.

    We’re hoping the judge asks him to put his bare feet up on the defense table for identification purposes.

  • The Journal of No-Duh Research: A recent report says, not surprisingly, it takes twice as long for people who have served time in prison to find employment compared to those who have not.

    And once he gets out of lockup, if Colton hopes to find work with one of the airlines, he’s also going to have to brush up on his landing skills.