Thank for rescuing old family letter

This summer I received an old letter dated Sept. 7, 1964, destined for our family archives.

I opened the letter while leaving the post office in Arlington as I was walked my dog around the block, with a handful of mail. It was the next day before I realized the precious letter had slipped away on my walk. Retracing my path the next day, I asked every business, bank, etc., that I came upon, to no avail. It was gone.

Six weeks later, a woman from C. Don Filer Insurance caught up with me at the post office in Arlington, saying Rex’s Rentals had posted a “Lost/Found old letter” on their readerboard for two weeks and had I gotten it? I was so surprised and quickly went to Rex’s Rentals to retrieve it. One of their employees had found it in an alley quite soon after I had stopped in looking for it July. When no one saw their readerboard (well, I hadn’t seen it and drove by it once a day, at least) they left it in the postmaster’s care at the post office. Thank you, Filer Insurance and Rex’s Rentals. Just proves miracles can still occur!

Ginger Taylor